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OPYC Hurricane Recovery Plan

The OPYC Hurricane Irma Recovery and Rebuild Plans are available for viewing or Download once you Log in.

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The Tech Committee Reports To Oleander Pointe Board Member Robert Bowman.


Hurricane Dorian Information

Wednesday 9/4 10AM, All is well at OP, the storm has passed and did little to no damage to our Condos and Marina, there are no signs of any missing tiles or any other damage to the buildings and no boats came unmoored and made contact with the Seawall or Marina. The waves did no damage to the Marina framing or pilings. The pool has no more plant debris in it then after a thunderstorm and there is very little plant debris to clean up in the parking lot or around the property.

OP never lost power and all services are running.

When you see what this storm did to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas, you will see how lucky we were that it did not make landfall here as a Cat 4 or 5

Tuesday 9/3 8PM, The storm is just starting to hit OP.

At this point the eye is just below Melbourne and the winds hitting our community will be strongest for the next 3-5 hours, depending on how fast the storm moves north, it had been moving north at 6 mph.

The wind maps which show the exact location of the storm and also the wind speed and the wind fields extending out from the eye, show no more then 30-40 mile per hour sustained winds making landfall from the leading edge of the storm.

There were no significant power outages from Palm Beach up to Melbourne, and the storm is no closer to shore then when the eye passed that area, so there is no reason to believe we will lose power or any other services.

The eye should stay about 100 miles east of Oleander Pointe and will pass us around 12am-2am depending on the speed it moves north.

Once the eye has passed north of us the winds will diminish.

The Indian River has not risen from earlier in the day and the water is about 2 foot below the new finger pier framing in the Marina and there is no significant wave action and NO sailboats that have come loose and made contact with any part of the Marina or Seawall.

So,  you can rest assured knowing your home and the people who stayed here are safe.